Why Sheebah’s “John Rambo” Song Just Works

Sheebah has hit on a formular that is consistently working for her evidenced by this #1 hit  “John Rambo”. The appeal for the MTV Award nominated artist remains as consistently high as ever and to say that she is the top female musician right now is no exaggeration.

Just when you think has plateaued, she releases another hit proving what a consistent hit maker Sheebah Karungi has become.

Since the release of the song “John Rambo”, which has tracked incredibly high in the stats for both video and audio, one wonders how she keeps the off the charts hits consistent. This most recent release quickly surpassed anything she has released so far.

She is Definitely one of the Hardest Workers in the Industry Today; Male or Female.

But more surprising is that its an all-English song. All-English songs are notorious for crushing and burning out fast in this industry with a very short shelf life, unless you throw in a little Jamaican patois and the dance-hall Ugandans love so much. But even with very little of this, Sheebah has managed to do something very few do and and succeed at.

Here are a few things we think happened to make this one especially special;

1- Its a love song and of course this is Uganda so…that’s obvious right, moving right along to the not-so-obvious points now.

2- She clearly toned-down the vocal aggression but not the persona and writing aggression (which she has done for her last three hits). People seem to enjoy the laid back ‘bad gyal‘ style

3- High Video Production Value: Sheebah is known to never hold back on the production quality she aims for.

Sheebah Performing at Club Rouge in 2011

Always seeking the highest standards around. And this hard work always shines through and it shows in the videos and audio and many people really appreciate that.
She is definitely one of the hardest workers in the industry today whether Male or Female.

4- She kept it to her roots. In a recent TV Interview Sheebah said it was Dancehall Artist Sizzaman who told her she was appealing to the wrong crowd in the beginning and advised her to make the sound more downtown so many more fans could relate (that’s where the John Rambo title of the song comes from. If you realise how popular Sylvester Stallone’s John Rambo movie is downtown then you’ll know why the title resonates).
This might have been the best advise Sheebah ever recieved concerning her music because in so doing, she ended up appealing to everyone else too.

5- Crafting a very edgy and creative Image. This has set her apart from many musicians who have kept their images clean cut and risk-less. Sheebah on the other hand seems unafraid to try out the most edgy and creative concepts keeping her image a step ahead of the rest (which wasn’t always the case as seen in this pic from 2011 as she performed at Club Rouge).

6- And lastly is the simplicity, very catchy hooks in the songs that anyone can sing along to and John Rambo is no exception. If you think about it hits like Nkwatako and John Rambo clearly use the same template albeit for one being an all-Luganda song and the other an all-English song, the thing is they both just work and at a high level and they both do it very well.

Check it out:

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