Rising Music Star Bero Mercy

If you don’t know who Bero is, you’re about to find out and I don’t just mean here. Bero Mercy (Pictured above) may still be a newcomer on the scene but many are already standing up and taking notice. It’s quickly becoming clear to many that if its fresh new talent the industry is looking for, that this is it.

When listening to Bero sing, you quickly sense that X-factor. That thing you can’t explain but just know who has it. It reminded me of the first time I heard Irene Ntale sing as lead for the UnEven Rock Band back in 2010 before going solo. She was doing an acoustic set and you could tell that everyone around knew she had it. You just knew it and said “This one is going to be a Star”

So its kind of full-circle now, that its Irene Ntale who is one of Bero’s biggest fans. I guess its true that it takes one to know one. Even promoting Bero to her half a million social media followers. Ntale wrote earlier this year:

“Oh wow!! Y’all need to follow @bero_music (@BeroMusic1) gurl your voice is amazing!! Yo gonna go so far and I hope for only the best on your journey.” – Irene Ntale

This coming from one of the top female artists in the industry right now is testament to the incredible talent this young lady has.

But don’t take our word for it…Listen to her for yourself.

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And then there’s this;

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