Roko Construction Begins Re-Development of Nakivubo Stadium

Following the recent (much politicised) evictions of vendors from the park yard market which was part of the Nakivubo Stadium grounds, Roko Construction (the lead contractor) is now in full development phase at the site.

The re-development project of the 34,500 seater stadium is scheduled to run from March 2017 to December 2018 and is on schedule. Despite the bad taste left in the mouths of many concerning the way the evictions where handled, this project will be a good thing for development that will spur much growth in downtown Kampala.

The same thing happened 12yrs ago when government employees at Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information where forcefully evicted from Nakasero Hill by the Aya Group to pave way for the construction of a Hilton Hotel for CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) with an illegal 2weeks notice to government employees to vacate the premises.

But with eviction illegalities and a poorly run Aya project that was 10yrs behind schedule aside, a beautiful hotel now seats atop Nakasero Hill (The Pearl of Africa Hotel, Kampala)

The same thing is going to happen at the Nakivubo Stadium, only this time, its going to be on schedule. In the end, the good in this development will outweigh the bad, its part of the pain any city has to endure and go through to develop.

All we can say is thank God its Roko Construction leading this because the shoddy work that passes for Ham Enterprises construction sites would make this entire project an eye soar and an irreversible blight on this part of the city for decades. But with Roko as lead contractor on this, many a Ugandan will be relieved.

Roko’s solid reputation for quality output will in the end make this a place we can all be extremely proud of.

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