Abramz Tekya’s new #InstantClassic ‘Olabika Tommanyi’ is how Ugandan Hip Hop should sound like.

First things first, “We can’t get enough of this song, actually to be honest its on repeat over here”. Ugandan Hip Hop pioneer Abramz is finally sending out the direct message (loud and clear) to everyone that needed to hear this, both to the fans and the industry specifically Hip Hop in this new instant classic ‘Olabika Tommanyi’. The title of the track which loosely translates to “I don’t think you know who you’re dealing with”, seems to arrive at a time when Hip Hop in Uganda badly needs this distinct ‘authentic’ sound. Its the kind of music you have to have in your headphones while entering the boxing ring (or the gym or just need to be picked up on a Monday morning to start your week right). Its an instant classic, Period.

Everyone we talk to agrees UG needs this direction (including the Hip Hop artists themselves), not just with how the music sounds but with the authenticity. Too many rappers care too much about the technicalities of ‘bars & punchlines’ and sounding as “American” and as “Trendy” as one can possibly get and have forgotten the simplicity of the ‘Poetry & Storytelling’ that Hip Hop is known and loved for and that we (the fans) need not only get the message but enjoy the music too…key word being “Enjoy” (no one buys or listens to music they don’t enjoy).

And if you thought we were the only ones raving about this track…Here is a Tweet from the Rapper who won ‘Best Album of the Year’ at the recently concluded ‘UG Hip Hop Awards 16’, St. Nelly-Sade (for ‘Stories of Elevation’). He tweeted “This [is] what I call Lyricism. Kikola sense [It makes sense]”With many artists choosing to experiment with Ragga and Afrobeat fusions (which are no doubt popular in Uganda) but moving further away from a unique and distinct Hip Hop voice, ‘Olabika Tomanyi’ comes in and lays down the law, steering the genre back to how authentic Ugandan Hip Hop should sound like. He (Abramz) has done it before with hits like ‘Kyendi Kyendi’ (when he was in the popular duo ‘Sylvester & Abramz’) and it seems like in 2017 he has to do it again (or shall we say ‘needs to’) and if anyone can, its Abramz.

I know we sound really biased over here right now but once you listen to this track, you’ll understand why. (Plus its already cued up on our 2017 instant classics playlist…so about being biased, I guess its too late now).

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